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Allow PIPELINE NITRO to build the best sales campaign for your business needs.

We understand the biggest challenge businesses face in regards to lead generation is generating high-quality leads. Let Pipeline Nitro WORK for you. Say goodbye to cold calling! Here’s the Pipeline Nitro Difference.

Hexagroup, ltd

"We shifted our cold calling activities and saw an immediate improvement in lead generation as they built a healthy pipeline of qualified leads within only a matter of weeks."

Arnaud Dasprez,
President - HexaGroup, Ltd.

D-Cubed, Inc

"They helped us to completely revamp our cold calling strategy and messaging. This greatly improved the quantity and quality of conversations that we had with prospects over the phone and it is difficult to put a value on how that has impacted our business."

Charles De Vaga, VP of Sales,

Recovery+Solutions, Inc

"We wanted to grow but we did not want to take on the expense of adding another full-time sales person. After several months of appointment setting, we were having a tough time keeping up."

Greg Coco, President

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